Featured Athlete Schuyler Kokernak

Featured Athlete Schuyler Kokernak

June 04, 2018

Name: Schuyler Kokernak

Nicknames: Skye

DOB: 10/17/86

Birth Place & Current Residence: Troy, NY

Profession: History Teacher

Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in: College Soccer, College Athletic Hall of Fame: Soccer, NPC Bikini, OCB Bikini

Weight Class:: Bikini Off-Season : Fluffy In-Season Weight: Lean

Training Style & Coach: Bodybuilding, Jennifer Binder ADO Fitness

Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train: Legs (Glutes/Hams)

Future Fitness Goals: Balance and a healthy lifestyle

Training Gyms: ABC Sports and Fitness

Hobbies: Coaching sports, reading, and lifting

Current Diet & Supplement Plan: IIFYM

Favorite Clean Foods: Egg whites, asparagus, cod, rice cakes

Favorite Cheat Foods: Burger and fries, pizza, donuts

Favorite Music Artists: Varies

Favorite Movies & Shows: Game of Thrones and history documentaries

Special Shout-Outs: To all the people who deal with me on a regular basis when on prep