Featured Athlete Ron Parmeter

Featured Athlete Ron Parmeter

September 20, 2019

Name: Ron Parmeter        


Nicknames:  N/A


Social Media Names: Instagram:  Ron_parmeter 


DOB: 03/1979- 40 years old!


Birth Place & Current Residence: Born and raised in Plattsburgh NY


Profession:  Police Officer for 15 years


Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in: Grew up playing hockey. I've competed in the NGA, USBF, ANBF, IFPA and PNBA


Weight Class, Off-Season & In Season Weight: Off season 210.. Stage weight 174-176


Training Style & Coach: I train very instinctual, with heavier, higher volume and rep sets. 


Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train: Leg day.  They have always been my weakness; so they have been my main focus over the past 10 years.


Future Fitness Goals: As of right now, I have no plans on competing, but I always want to stay within striking distance. I am on focusing on keeping healthy and enjoying training. 


Training Gyms: Eclipse Fitness in Plattsburgh NY


Hobbies: Hockey, horrible at golf, but try to get out and hack around. 


Current Diet & Supplement Plan: I love eating! Egg whites and Kodiak power waffles is my go to meal for breakfast and meal before bed. Besides those two meals I usually eat 4 whole food meals. Right now I have a wide range for macros. Fat 75-90, Carbs 280-320, Protein 230-260. 


Right now my supplements are super simple. Whey Protein, Creatine, pre workout,  Multivitamin,  Vitamin D3, Zinc, Magnesium and calcium. 


Favorite Clean Foods: Eggs! Surprisingly after all of these years I still enjoy chicken. 


Favorite Cheat Foods: Calzones (pepperoni,  mushrooms and ham)


Favorite Music Artists: I like a wide array of artists, and my playlists would leave people scratching their heads.. Everything from Prince to Gojira


Favorite Movies & Shows: Bad Boys 2 is my all time favorite movie. And come fall the world stops on Sunday's.  Football is by far my favorite time of the year.