Featured Athlete Rachel Karam

Featured Athlete Rachel Karam

April 08, 2018

Name: Rachel Karam


Social Media Names: IG- rach.karammm Snap- rachck26 


DOB: September 1988


Birth Place & Current Residence North Carlolina / Clifton Park, NY 


Profession: Middle School Spanish Teacher 


Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in:  College Soccer, 3 Half Marathons 1 Full Marathon, 2 OCB Bikini Shows,1 ANBF Bikini Show, USAPL Currently Ranked 4th in NYS Squat & 2nd NYS Deadlift


Weight Class, Off-Season & In Season Weight: 72kg Weight Class (Raw) Off Season 162lbs 


Training Style & Coach: Coach EC Stumpf, whatever he tells me to do is my training style. But despite his disliking to the term, I train like a powerbuilder. 


Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train: DEADLIFT! But I love training Hamstrings & Shoulders 


Future Fitness Goals: 

-500lb Deadlift 200lb Bench 400lb Squat 

-To always not only be strong, but look it, too! 

- Compete at The Arnold… Maybe worlds? A girl can dream. 


Training Gyms: ABC Sports & Fitness 


Hobbies: My puppy Vinny 


Current Diet & Supplement Plan: Eat all the Carbs!!! Part dirty, part clean. Balance=Everything.


Favorite Clean Foods: Cauliflower! Does Popcorn Count ?


Favorite Cheat Foods: Pizza 


Favorite Music Artists: When I have a big set, Staind & Janet Jackson. Otherwise, I listen to everything!


Favorite Movies & Shows: Trashy TV & Romcoms :) 


Special Shout-Outs: EC Stumpf & Ashleigh Rajkowski for taking me under their wings and not only molding me into the athlete I am today and continue to grow to be, but for teaching me so much about life in general. I’m thankful they put up with me because I’m a handful & a half :) 

 The Anabolic Baker Blog Athlete Rachel KaramThe Anabolic Baker Blog Athlete Rachel Karam

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