Featured Athlete Mark Chieco

Featured Athlete Mark Chieco

January 17, 2019

Name: Mark O.Chieco     


Nicknames: Cheeks


Social Media Names:  Mchieco (Instagram)  @mark chieco (Twitter) 


DOB: 08/30/1977


Birth Place & Current Residence:  I was born in Utica, New York and currently live in Sherrill New York


Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in:  I grew up playing every sport I could, but I wasn't any good at any of them until I found power lifting.  Over the course of my time lifting I have been ranked as the #1 raw bench presser in the 220 class in the US, #3 bench presser in the world at 242, and have cracked the top 10 and 15 for total in both weight classes.  I compete mostly in the Herc, USPA and XPC federations.



Weight Class, Off-Season & In Season Weight:  I used to compete at 220 lbs, but over the years the weight has been creeping up and now I bounce between the 242 and 275 class.  In the off season I walk around about 250 lbs. 



Training Style & Coach:  I have a very unique training style.  I perform all 3 major lifts on one day.  We call it " Meet Monday."  The rest of the week, I may do some accessories or variations of the main movements a couple times a week.  As far as a coach, I have a great team that I get to be a part of and we all sort of coach ourselves.


Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train:  Obviously bench press


Future Fitness Goals:  I would like to bench 600 lbs raw before the end of 2019


Training Gyms:  I mainly train at Hercules Gym in Syracuse New York, but also supplement my workouts at Mohawk Valley Wellness and The Fitness Mill in Yorkville New York.


Hobbies:  Other than power lifting, I enjoy coaching youth football and baseball, drawing, cooking and my children


Current Diet & Supplement Plan:  I really try hard to eat clean, but I love Burger King too much.  So I'm a 50/50 kinda guy I guess.


Favorite Clean Foods: Steak and rice


Favorite Cheat Foods:  Whopper with Cheese


Favorite Music Artists:.Its a toss up between Rob Zombie, DMX or the Foo Fighters depending on what kind of mood I am in.


Favorite Movies & Shows: Seal Team, NCIS and and of the Rocky movies


Special Shout-Outs:  My special shout outs go to The Anabolic Baker for all the great things they do, Hercules Gym, especially Rheta West  and Pete Knutsen for all the support and everything that they have done for me over the years and my training partners for being the best team I could ask for.