Featured Athlete Kristen Casper

Featured Athlete Kristen Casper

October 10, 2018

Name:     Kristen M. Casper, Esq                                                


Nicknames: Casper              


Social Media Names:   Instagram- Legally.Buff   Facebook-Kristen Casper


DOB: March 18, 1991


Birth Place & Current Residence: Born in Batavia, New York, currently living in Troy, New York


Profession:  Attorney


Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in:  2017 OCB Big Apple PRO/AM- 2nd in Open, 1st in Debut, 2nd in Novice, Batavia International Motorsports Park Karting Champion


Weight Class, Off-Season & In Season Weight: Off-Season: 125 In-Season: 113


Training Style & Coach: Bodybuilding & Macros (Coach: Mark Hilton)


Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train: Shoulders & Back


Future Fitness Goals: Maximize efficiency in the gym while maintaining a social life :P


Training Gyms: My gym family is  ABC Sports and Fitness however, I attend Best fitness on occasion


Hobbies: Besides the gym? I’m a lawyer… I have no time for that,…


Current Diet & Supplement Plan:  Current diet is extremely flexible… just making sure to get enough protein. Only supplementing with creatine and protein powder.


Favorite Clean Foods: Give me all the fruits!


Favorite Cheat Foods: French fries & blow pops. All day.


Favorite Music Artists:. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Linkin Park, G-Eazy, Florida Georgia Line, Dream Street


Favorite Movies & Shows: Currently….Movie: Deja vu Show: New Girl & Real Housewives (preferably Orange County LOL)


Special Shout-Outs: I have too many rad people in my life to list them all, but thank you everyone who has supported my crazy fitness journey, in the legal world, and out of the legal world. 

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