Featured Athlete Evan Mensing

Featured Athlete Evan Mensing

June 03, 2019

Name: Evan Mensing              


Nicknames: Mr incredible 


Social Media Names: evan_mensing (instagram), eMensingXXXL (twitter), eMensingXXL (facebook)


DOB: 02-22-83


Birth Place & Current Residence: I was born in Schenectady and grew up in East Greenbush and currently live in Brunswick NY.


Profession:  I am a computer programmer, mainly focused on application development and maintenance.


Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in: I've competed in RPS, XPC and WRPF. 2015-2016 RPS Annihilation 1st place, and best lifter, 2016 Arnold Classic XPC Worlds, 1st place 275lb wt class, highest total overall and 2nd overall by formula, 2017 RPS Spring Supremacy 1st place 275lb, and best lifter, 2018 Boss of Bosses 5, 1st place 275lb wt class. 2015 ranked #3 total in country at 275lbs, ranked 6th all-time, 2016 ranked #1 total in country at 275lbs #4 all-time, 2017 ranked #1 in country #4 all-time, 2018-2019 8th highest total all-time.


Weight Class, Off-Season & In Season Weight: 125kg/275lb weight class. 285-295 offseason.


Training Style & Coach: power-bodybuilding in offseason and 2 upper and 2 lower days in contest prep. Contest prep programming by CWS (Chad wesley Smith) but I rely heavily on the feedback from my training crew (Matt, Sean, Mark, Will, Adam, Zeck, Chad, EC, Ian) to help with training sessions. 


Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train: deadlifts are the king of exercises, and a good deadlift can determine the outcome of a meet.


Future Fitness Goals: 900 raw deadlift, 2305 raw total at 275lbs.


Training Gyms: the one and only ABC Sports and Fitness


Hobbies: if I'm not working out im spending time with my family. My son Duke, my pride and joy, and my daughter Riley, my mini me. And my wife, of course!


Current Diet & Supplement Plan: I am always eating 5-7 food meals a day, depending on the goals, usually always clean foods. I've always wanted to not only be strong, but also look strong.


Favorite Clean Foods: chicken and rice is the bread and butter of all clean diets.


Favorite Cheat Foods: I love a good ribeye and a blooming onion and the macro killer cookie have to be up there on the list of foods I crave.


Favorite Music Artists:.Eminem and NF easily top that list.


Favorite Movies & Shows: Tough question! Since I'm a nerd at heart, I've always enjoyed comics so I'd have to say I love the Marvel movies. I've seen all 22 of them.


Special Shout-Outs: I wouldn't be where I am without the help and support of my training partners Matt, Sean, Mark and a whole bunch of other great people at ABC Fitness. Having the support of the gym, from having all specialty equipment I could ever need to the environment it provides has helped me greatly. Also, thanks to Live Large Fitness, for supporting me and promoting me since I started my powerlifting journey. And lastly, my wife, who has always supported my lofty goals and ambitions and helps keep me grounded.