Featured Athlete Ashley Hayner

Featured Athlete Ashley Hayner

June 04, 2018

Name: Ashley Hayner

Social Media Names: @fit_withapit @Dynamai_fitness

DOB: 05/27/95


Birth Place & Current Residence: Halfmoon NY 

Profession: Special needs lifeskills coach, NASM personal trainer 

Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in: OCB Figure Pro

Weight Class, Off-Season & In Season Weight: N/A (off season 135- prep 120)

Training Style & Coach: Bodybuilding & flexible dieting

Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train: Back & shoulders 


Future Fitness Goals: My goal is to one day build a gym locally & focus mainly on progressing the lifestyles of the special needs population. 


Training Gyms: GetFit Studios and ABC Sports & Fitness 

Hobbies: Loving my pitbull & sphynx cat


Current Diet & Supplement Plan: Flexible dieting & 1stphorm supplements 

Favorite Clean Foods: Burnt egg whites w/ zucchini, peppers, & spinach. Honey roasted PB on apple cinnamon rice cakes 

Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza & hibachi 


Favorite Music Artists: NF

Favorite Movies & Shows: The Proposal & Princess Bride, 24 & Gotham 


Special Shout-Outs: Momma & Dad for being such incredible role models throughout the years and supporting my crazy dreams. Love you guys!