Featured Athlete Allison Hind

Featured Athlete Allison Hind

March 08, 2019

Name: Allison Hind


Social Media Names: @allisonhind.pl


DOB: 9/14/81


Birth Place & Current Residence: I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but now I go back and forth between Schenectady, NY, and Syracuse, NY


Profession:  I'm a licensed attorney who spent 10 years in the financial planning field, but I'm now working at ABC Sports and Fitness while I pursue my Masters of Social Work at Syracuse University with the goal of becoming a therapist.  I'm currently interning in a behavioral health outpatient clinic.


Athletic Background, Accomplishments & Federations you compete in:

 148 weight class: all-time world record raw bench (335lbs), top-20 all-time total (1175 raw with wraps)

165 weight class: top 10 all-time raw bench (320lbs), top 20 all-time total (1215 raw with wraps)

I've recently been competing in APF, Hercules, and RPS.

Previously I was the 2016 IPF World Classic Bench Press champion and 2017 silver medalist in the -72kg weight class.


Weight Class, Off-Season & In Season Weight:

Used to compete 148, but I'm moving up to the 165 class at least for now.  Training weight over the past year or so has been mid-160s, although I also expect that to increase a little.


Training Style & Coach:

Rheta West sponsors me and coaches my squat using the Conjugate method.  I'm doing my own bench programming at the moment, but Rheta is giving me pointers there as well.  Kyle Sheridan has recently begun helping me with my deadlift.  I know it's strange to have the lifts divided out among different people, but largely this stemmed from the fact that my schedule doesn't allow me to lift with Rheta's women's group every training day. 


Favorite Body Part or Lift to Train: bench, of course!


Future Fitness Goals: while no one who's setting ATWRs in women's raw powerlifting right now can reasonably expect to keep them for long, I have my eye on the 165 raw bench record.  I'd also like to total 1300 at 165.


Hobbies: I'm really into music (I play the piano) and reading.  I also have two dogs.


Current Diet & Supplement Plan: I tend to eat relatively "clean" most of the time--lean protein (poultry and fish--I haven't eaten red meat in over 20 years), rice, sweet potatoes, oats, vegetables, fats from things like nuts and eggs and avocados--although I generally break from this at least a couple times a week.


Favorite Clean Foods: my favorite foods that can be kept relatively clean are sushi and burritos.


Favorite Cheat Foods: doughnuts, Anabolic Baker cookies (obviously), boneless wings.


Favorite Music Artists: THIS IS TOO HARD.


Favorite Movies & Shows: I don't watch a ton of TV or movies but I love everything Marvel-related.


Special Shout-Outs: Becki Pierotti is an amazing training partner but also a really good chiropractor--she's helped me put myself back together quite a few times.  Nill Banegas-Saybe is trying to add strongman to my list of athletic achievements--we'll see if he has any success here.